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Bikescale.com is not a place for weight whiners or weenies ;). The very best bike parts are not of our prime concern and we believe that their weight records are to be found elsewhere. rowerowawaga.pl functioned as our private data base long before we decided to publish the gathered weight records. Seeing a growing interest in the information we already possessed, we came into a decision to distribute it to the public.

Why our photos show the scale record? At first we made them that way cause writing the records down seemed like a waste of time. Then someone suggested that the information preserved that way is credible, so we decided to keep it that way.

The scale that we use for making our photos is a Hana HS-6000, PIH certified in the weight range of 40-5000 g. It works in two modes; mode d is accurate to 1 g and mode e is accurate to 2 g. The scale was produced in 1993 in Korea. Each and every time before taking the weight measurement the scale is leveled and tared. 


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